Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why My Faith In My Fellow Man and Woman Balances It All Out

We went to the court house yesterday not really knowing what to expect, Lance Curtis, our Attorney had called me mid morning and said that the fact that the jury had not come back quickly concerned him that they were locked. I kept thinking back over and over to all the subtle actions and body language of the jurors that might have tipped me to which direction they might lean. The liar’s attorney had done a very good job of suppressing much of the pertinent information and evidence that we had hoped to share with the jury to shed light on their level of deceit. So we could only talk about two issues, whether we had given the landlord notice of the damage to the building from the storm of October of 07, and if they should have given us a reduced rental rate while or until the damage was repaired. So we waited, finally at 2:05 pm I received a call from Lance saying that the jury had reached a verdict. My wife and I raced to the courtroom and waited with Lance, The Liar and his Attorney for the jury to come in. When the first jurors entered the room I still could not get a read on the direction they might go. After the formalities the court room attendant read the verdict, we won, again. The jury was intelligent enough to see through the BS the land lord and his attorney were trying shove down their throats. I guess that shows, at least the human side of the court system still shows signs of hope….

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